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Ze Junkheap

Stuffage, por favor.

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This is the community where izkariote and anyone else who's altruistic/bored enough to be a member posts links to all the love they wish to share in the form of comics, scanlations, mp3s, pictures, anime episodes and etcetera for other members to download.

The rules are as follows:

1.) Play nice. Don't be a dickwad.

2.) Take whatever you want, and comment when you do.

3.) Stupidity will not be tolerated.

4.) Anyone and everyone is welcome to upload in as much as they're welcome to join! It'd help, of course, if you introduce yourself and post up your list for sharing.

5.) This is a community meant to cater to uploads of ALL kinds. As of this moment, there is NO restriction on what you can share here. Just be sure to give proper credit where and when it's due.

6.) Sharing things also means sharing links. If you have a site you want to pimp or news to share, feel free to post about it too!

7.) All entries MUST be friends locked, and all long tracklists and the like MUST be put under an LJ cut.

8.) Have fun. :)

CURRENT NEWS: Back in black after over a year of inactivity. Lists from my end (izkariote) will no longer be updated because it's a hassle to catch up to a fluctuating collection. Requests still open.

Current layout from premadeljs.